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The Phelex Foundation's Update

For the past 15 years the Phelex Foundation has been working on promoting sustainable school projects to help the schools in need achieve nine-year mandatory education for all school age children in various villages in the countryside of China. We are proud that the ideas of self-reliance and volunteerisms have been widely adopted by school and local officials, students, parents and villagers.  Nevertheless, as schools in the countryside continue to improve academically and financially, the new challenge is learning how to run an updated school and helping the schools adapt to the changes.

Utliizing our strength as an international NGO, we will bring the once left-behind countryside schools to the international education platform, and link the countryside schools with partner schools overseas through workshop training, overseas visits, and the use of modern technology application in daily educational practice.  To achieve a win-win result, we will provide these opportunities to American urban schools, so the connections will benefit both Chinese and Ameircan youngsters.  

The Phelex Foundation is very grateful to our private and corporate sponsors, to name a few: Freeman Foundation, our strong supporter to the Inner-city Kids in China Program for four trips in a roll; Raybin WQ. Wong Foundation, our sponsor for projects 2012 and 2013; and Goldman Sachs for its generous matching funds.


Teachers Training Program in Cuiying School, Keshiketeng, Inner Mongolia


American teachers will come to Sanyi's new school site to conduct training workshops for local English teachers during the week of July 15th, 2013, sponsored by Raybin Q. Wong Foundation and the Phelex. The week-long workshop will focus on update English language teaching method and practice. It will provide local teachers with hard-to-get immersion opportunities to become comfortable and fluent English teachers. The workshop will be housed in the newly constructed classroom building, the joint efforts of local government, Principal Zang and his team. The workshop is also the collaboration between Cuiying School (formerly Sanyi School) and Snowden International School in Boston, Massachusetts.

2012 Summer Inner-city Kids in China Program


The 5th Inner-city Kids in China program has once again brought 9 students and 3 teachers from Snowden International School to China between June 21 and July 3, 2012. This travel-study program is a summer scholarship-based program funded by the Freeman Foundation and Raybin Q. Wong Foundation operated by the Phelex Foundation. The participants were selected from Chinese language learners at Snowden, a Boston Public School. As the scholarship recipients, the 3 junior and 6 sophomores shared their life-changing experiences with the Snowden community in November 2012. ( more details..)


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