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About Phelex


The Phelex Foundation is a 501(c)(3) operating charity based in Massachusetts, the United States. Founded in 1995 by a group of Boston-area residents, the foundation actively promotes basic education for financially, socially or physically disadvantaged children in the poverty-stricken regions of rural Asia. It also runs a program in the US that promotes multi-cultural education. The Phelex Foundation has three operating divisions:

The Sustainable Tuition Aid Program focuses on establishing self-sustainable funding sources through school operated work-study programs, educational partnerships, communal participation and volunteerism. The foundation assists the school farms in applying new farming technology and modern, transparent accounting. In addition, the foundation helps set up a democratically elected Community Council to supervise the decision making process of the school farms, the tuition aid dispensation processes, and investments and local fund raising. The Foundation's trustees, partners, donors and friends are encouraged by the initial success of the foundation's projects in Asia, and are convinced that the growth of the Foundation's operation will bring greater benefits to an increasing number of deprived and disadvantaged children.

The Phelex Institute promotes the study of rural education in lesser-developed countries in Asia and Africa, and seeks to build an information resource center that supports the Phelex Foundation's assistance programs and those of other charities. The Institute provides semi-annually scholarships and field research grants to US-based graduate students researching topics related to the communal support systems, funding mechanisms and decision making processes in rural education in Asia's poor regions.

International Educational exchange brings win-win result to Chinese countryside schools and participating US urban youth. The life-changing expeience inspires young people to serve local and international communities enthusiastically.


Funding Source: Funding for the Phelex Foundation's operations comes from individual contributions, private donations, corporate donations and institutional partnerships.


Conflict Intreset Policy

All of the trustees of the Phelex Foundation believe in helping the disadvantaged, and we have been working as volunteers without compensations ever since the very beginning. We have no interest in getting financial benefit from the work we do. No Board of Trustees get paid. The oversea branch office is keeping the number of staff to the minimum and the financial cost is under control.


Resolution of the Board of Trustees

The Trustees of the Phelex Foundation have decided unanimously that in the event of the dissolution of the Foundation, the remaining assets shall be handed over to another US-registered 501(3)(C) charity that is dedicated to the cause of education of disadvantaged children in the United States or overseas. The choice of the recipient charity shall be decided on by simple majority of the Board of Trustees at that time.


Chairman and President: Yuan Zhou
Board of Trustees: Stuart Rose, Lin Liu, Yuan Zhou



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