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PF Summary (2005)


  • Between November 22 and 28, 2005, the Phelex Foundation staff visited Luogou Elementary School , Qingshan Elementary School and Wangcheng Elementary School in Song County , Henan Province. The purpose of the visit was to provide computer training, project management, financial control of the school project as well as the community council procedures for teachers and students. The Foundation staff also visited needy children's families and some parent volunteers.

  • During the National Day vacation, Mr. Zhou, Chairman of the Phelex Foundation and Dr. Ran Hua from China Securities Regulatory Commission visited a few country schools in Youyang, Chongqing to explore the possibilities of establishing sustainable tuition aid projects for needy schools. They shared the concepts of building up project financial management and community council supervision system with the local officials and school faculties. Ms. Fan, the director of Phelex Beijing Office went along.
  • In September 2005, The Raybin Q. Wong Educational Foundation in New York is delighted to work with the Phelex Foundation to provide support to a Fruit Tree Bonsai Project at Xinglong Vocational Middle School in Hebei Province as a sustainable way to help the financially disadvantaged children pay for school. The long-term goal is to eventually be able to cover tuition and fees for 30 needy students. At the same time, this newly created project will give vocational school students an edge in competing in today's rapidly developing commercialized agricultural field. Students will learn the basics about agricultural technology, environmental protection and marketing skills. They can also participate in Bonsai growing and management process as practical training.
  • In July2005, the Bright China Foundation contributed to the project at Luogou Elementary School in Henan Province to establish an apricot kernel farm as a way to reach out to needy children whose families lack resources to pay for school tuition and fees. The farm will generate proceeds to help 60 needy students attend school.   
  • On 23 May. 2005, at the invitation of  Tao  Xingzhi Institute of China, 18 people, including directors of some tuition aid programs, members of community councils, volunteers and education directors from local aided government,attended the seminar about ‘Integrating and Planning of Agriculture, Science and Education' in Shanxi. Three principals from Liu Ping Elementary School, Dripping water Elementary School and Fenghuanghan Middle School made speeches.
  • On 22 Apr. 2005, the FON/PF sustainable tuition aid sapling nursery program of Kangjiahui Middle School ( Jingle County , Shanxi ) was granted “SEE Ecological Award” - “Field Prize” by Alashan SEE Ecology Association. The Appraisal Committee gave comments on the program: “The model of ecology, education plus poverty assistance has changed the city-dominated education style and was worth advocating. It was the first native non-government environment protection award in China , more than 130 environment protection programs jointed the appraisal. Forty programs were awarded through public appraisal on the Internet, the Appraisal Committee's evaluation and Alashan SEE Ecology Association's final assessment. The FON/PF program acquired the fourth prize.
  • On 21 Mar. 2005, Mr. Yuan Zhou, the chairman of the PF visited Xinglong Middle Vocational School( Xinglong County , Hebei ). Mr. Zhou discussed effectively with local county government that the PF would sponsor for establishing a major in fruit forest and gardening and supporting students who are interesting in it but from needy families. These students are trained to become modern agrotechnical talent with basic techniques and good quality.
  • In Mar. 2005, UPM-Kymmene Corporation of Finland (hereafter as UPM) • continued to donate for setting up the ecological orchard tuition aid field of Fuxin Elementary School of Congjiang, Guizhou, the bitter bamboo tuition aid field of Houshan Main School of Xuyong, the winter mushroom tuition aid field of Sichuan and Lukou Elementary School of Xinyi, Jiangsu after funding building the 720-mu ecological forestry tuition aid base of Ansi Elementary School of Shaanxi. . It was of benefit to 1624 needy pupils from poor areas and some extremely needy pupils could not only continue to finish their elementary education but also gain free nutrition subsidies after the programs made an income.
  • On 29 Mar. 2005, the editorial department of the magazine <<Science Lesson>> of Hubei Education press agency donated again computers and books at a cost of ?50, 000 Yuan to Huangxiekou Elementary School of Jianli, Hubei and Quanfuhe Elementary School of Yidu after funding needy pupils of Quanfuhe Elementary School of Hubei. The donations provided favorable conditions for teaching and information exchange of rural schools.
  • In Feb.-Mar., the PF staff visited rural schools in Guizhou , Guangxi , Sichuan , Jiangxi and etc and made on-the-spot investigation and research in sustainable tuition aid programs. Staff interviewed peasant families and widely and deeply exchanged views with local teachers and masses. They learnt the local rural children's education situation, imperative problems and especially the influences of the rural tax reform and the education personnel system reform on rural education and teaching. It offered the PF staff new useful information for their practices and theoretical study.
  • In Feb. volunteers and donors all over the country continued to donate to the PF program schools for funding needy school children after new term started. Especially, some extremely needy students could continue their senior school and university study with the help of donors' successive donations and caring.


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