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PF Summary (2000)


  • In Dec. 2000, the PF exchanged views with Canadian Citizen Social Program on the effect follow-up investigation of “the seminar about rural community tuition aid” in the summer of 2000. Both parties were inspired by enthusiasm, devotion and initiative of the representatives during and after the seminar, and discussed the cooperation intention in ecology, education, financial management and community support in 2001.

  • In the 1 st half of Oct. 2000, volunteers and the director of Shanxi program school funded by the PF visited Bagualing Middle School in Xinglong County , Hebei , and reached the purchase contract and the technical support agreement. It set a precedent of exchange and cooperation among the PF sustainable tuition aid program schools, and offered favorable conditions for farming tuition aid program to join the market and competition.

  • In Sept., the PF staff explored how to establish sustainable tuition aid programs suitable to local ecological characteristics with directors from local government, teachers, pupil parents and villagers in some rural school in the southwest of China . Some programs were put into practice in these schools in the end of the year.

  • After the seminar about rural community tuition aid, the PF staff went to some program schools carrying teaching materials, seminar recordings and the financial management software system developed by the PF, and trained those community council members and peasant friends who didn't attend the seminar.

  • On 7 Aug. 2000, the 2 nd lot of 7 computers co-donated by the PF and Freshfields law firm of Britain was distributed in 7 rural schools in Hubei , Shanxi and Shaanxi . Meanwhile the PF trained representatives form the aided schools on PC, general network theory and attention points. The aided schools will acquire more information on the Internet to offer a solid foundation for the future development.

  • On 7-5 Aug. 2000, the PF, the PF (Hong Kong), Canadian Citizen Social Program and the Charity Association of China China Charity Federation held the seminar about rural community tuition aid in Beijing . Ninety-three representative from 13 provinces, autonomous districts and administrative cities exchanged and discussed the social assistance system of rural education, the fund raising mechanism and the decision-making process of financial democracy. Directors of sustainable tuition aid programs and related people were trained on financial management.

  • In the middle of Jun., Ms. Lin Liu, the director of the PF visited China . She would take part in the organization and implementation of Beijing rural financial management training program and visit programs in Inner Mongolia , Hebei and etc. during the 2-month trip.

  • On 17-16 May, Mr. Liping Zhang, the consultant from International Banking Investment Company and the expert in agriculture science visited the PF program school - Bagualing Middle School of Xinglong, Hebei Province, offered technical support for issues in sapling cultivation of high quality fruit trees, and discussed how to create high value-added products in the programs.

  • On 4 May 2000, the PF and the PF (Hong Kong) initiated and signed the training program cooperated with Citizen Social Program Section from Canadian Embassy in China and the Charity Association of ChinaChina Charity Federation. The training course held on 7-5 Aug. would provide consultancy and guidance in the regulated rural financial management, community charity raising and etc. for directors of the PF program sites, volunteers and directors of some charitable organizations in needy areas.

  • On 24-19 Apr. 2000, a group of 7 including Mr. Yuan Zhou (chairman of the PF), Mr. Rollins and Mr. Shan Bai (donors) visited the PF sustainable tuition aid programs in Dripping Water Elementary School and Xieshan Elementary School of Gucheng County and Ma'ao Elementary School of Yingshan County in Hubei. They affirmed the achievements and put new questions for further development of the programs.

  • On 16 Apr. 2000, Mr. Zhiqiang Fu, a Hong Kong entrepreneur donated sleeping bags, sport suits and etc. to the PF staff for supporting staff's working for improving the education environment of extremely needy school children, and also addressed to the PF “Wish kindness and loving inspire more needy students to become useful talents soon”.

  • Financial standardization has been the core and difficulty of the PF's work. On 15 Apr. 2000 the 1 st quarter financial statements of the PF tuition aid programs in 2000 indicated that the program schools funded by the PF had started financial standardization management. It provided a solid basis for healthy development of the PF sustainable tuition aid programs.

  • In the middle of Jan. 2001, the PF staff checked 13 programs in Hubei , Qinghai and Ningxia, and made the work scheme in the 1 st half of 2000 after compiling the information in Beijing . The core is to reinforce, enrich and advance the implementing programs to accomplish the sustainable development plan.

  • Before the Spring Festival of 2000, the PF donated computers to Dripping Water Elementary School of Gucheng County and Ma'ao Elementary School of Yingshan County in Hubei , installed the Internet and trained the operation personnel. Local schoolteachers, pupils and villagers can acquire information on the Internet.

  • On the New Year's Day of 2000, the PF and UPM-Kymmene Corporation of Finland co-donated ? 224,000 Yuan to Ansi Elementary School of Chuankou Town, Yan'an for developing 520 mu of forestland. During the program implementation, some students from Forestry College of Finland volunteered to exchange and teach related techniques. On Feb., the PF cooperated with Freshfields law firm of Britain , supported Sanguyao Elementary School of Wuqi County, Shaanxi for fruit trees and sapling nursery. The PF hope the above ecological forest-planting programs can make positive contributions to the soil erosion and talent training in yellow land plateau of China.


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