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PF Summary (2001)


  • In Nov.- Oct. 2001, the PF staff worked on program sites, cleared and consolidated bad assets of a few programs to ensure the good cycle of program operation as a whole.

  • On 30-28 Oct. 2001, the PF was invited to attend the ‘NGO Poverty Assistance International Conference of China' in Beijing . The PF held their exhibit, exchanged and reached the cooperation intention with representatives of NGOs from all over the world and China mainland.

  • In Oct. 2001, "Green & Shine Alma Mater Special Tuition Aid Program" and "Alma Mater's Special Tuition Aid Program" funded separately by Green & Shine Limited and Mr. Zhiqiang Fu, an entrepreneur from Hong Kong were started respectively in some program schools in Hebei and Hunan to sponsor the needy but excellent rural students to finish their senior and higher education.

  • In Sept. 2001, the PF staff ended the farm produce market research that lasted for 3 months and aimed at helping the programs and community villagers to increase added value of agricultural products. In the next year the PF would assist some program schools to adjust the product structure and achieve better management benefits with modern agrotechnology and e-business.

  • On 23 Aug. 2001, a lot of autumn and winter children clothing donated by Mr. Zhiqiang Fu, an entrepreneur from Hong Kong , were separately mailed to some PF program schools. It was a new term present to those needy school children living in the north of Guangdong , the northwest of Hubei , Lvliang mountain area and Diqing plateau.

  • On 15 Jun. 2001, the couple of Ms. Gui Liu and Mr. Dian Kang went to the program school, visited the program site and learnt the program progress. They had a discussion on sustainable tuition aid program with the school program director, members of community council and local education officials, announced to set up the scholarship mainly supporting needy but excellent rural students.

  • On 29 May 2001, invited by Canadian Embassy in China Mr. Yuan Zhou, the chairman of the PF made a speech about ‘the Prospect of Chinese Rural Economy and Society in 2020' . Based on modern rural reality of China and the prediction of China 's entry to WTO the speech mainly elaborated the rural economic trend of China , population, environment issues and etc after 20 years. The speech explored that the agriculture will be highly commercialized, professional farm produce businessmen will be found in rural areas, the total value of the rural economy will increase at full speed at that time. However, individual farming will be seriously threatened and the problem of population and water resource will accelerate the deterioration of environment.

  • In Apr. 2001, the OCTB again donated and cooperated with the PF for purchasing tea-making machinery to the tea garden program of Quanfuhe Elementary School in the northwestern tea area of Hubei so as to help the school establish the long-term income resource and fund needy children's elementary education after the OCTB/PF green tea garden of Hulupen Elemenary School of Yingshan County, Hubei.

  • Within Apr. and Mar. 2001, the couple of Ms. Gui Liu and Mr. Dian Kang adopted 2 programs: the sapling nursery of Bagualing Middle School and the orchard of Chehepu Middle School in Xinglong County , Hebei , named as Green & Shine Sapling Nursery and Green & Shine Orchard.

  • In Apr. 2001, a group of 5 including MS. Mellissa Thomas, Ms. Zhengrong Wu and Ms. Ji Lu from Beijing office of Freshfields law firm of Britain visited Sanguyao Elementary School of Tiebian Town, Wuqi County , Shaanxi and Freshfields/PF Apricot Nursery. All staff from Beijing office of Freshfields law firm of Britain donated for the Apricot Nursery Program meanwhile contributed additional funds to set up the nutritious meal program to ensure needy pupils 50 grams of meat and 2 eggs per week.

  • In Mar. 2001, the PF cooperated with Sparkice E-Business Company and donated for setting up the computer classroom and made an inscribed board “Striding over Digital Gap” to Bagualing Middle School in Xinglong County , Hebei . Two parties would offer network technical guidance and hardware & software support so as to catch up with modern information trend.
  • In 2001 <<PF Press>> was altered from bimonthly to quarterly, increased pages from 6 to 8 pages and adjusted some columns. The modified press will offer more tuition assistance information and discussion space.
  • The 2000 annual statistical report of domestic tuition aid in China of PF showed the PF donated ? 547938 Yuan for tuition aid. Beneficiaries increased to 1556 pupils valued at ? 115,410.79 Yuan. The statistical materials also indicated 70% of the PF tuition aid programs went into development period, 1% into expansion period. The PF would mainly research and demonstrate the model of integrating “Science & Technology, Ecology plus Tuition Aid” in 2001. Part of successful schools in the 1 st phase development would gain further funding from the PF.



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