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PF Summary (2002)


  • In Dec. 2002, proposed by the PF, the tuition aid sapling nursery program of Kangjiahui Middle School of Jingle County, Shanxi won the support of the dandelion small-amount assistance program of the FON, a special fund for environment protection. Program assessment was carried out by the appraisal committee that consisted of senior professional people at the invitation of the FON. The appraisal committee graded, assessed and verified the programs based on 6 aspects including feasibility, affectivity, creativity, demonstrability, construction possibility and need extent. FON/PF tuition aid nursery of Kangjiahui Middle School was on top place based on all 6 standards.

  • On 20 Nov. 2002, Huitong Special Education Fund of the Hong Kong PF respectively adopted the high-quality sheep breeding program of Fenghuangshan Town Head School of Qinglong Man Nationality Autonomous County, Hebei, the high-quality lawn program of Huangrangping Head Elementary School of Yuanling County, Hunan and the green tea garden program of Qiping Miao Nationality Town Head School of Yuanling County, Hunan.

  • On 4-2 Nov. 2002, staff from the PF, Hangzhi Tao Institute of China, Hangzhi Tao Institute of the people's University of China and Beijing Pengpeng School made on-the-spot investigation on Fenghuangshan Town Head School of Qinglong Man Nationality Autonomous County, Hebei.

  • On 9-7 Sept. and 23-19 Aug. 2002, the PF respectively took part in training on management of participating development programs and advanced CEO seminar. Training classes studied the PF program cases in feasibility research of PF/Rutanen spices garden program of Qinghai Sala Nationality Girls Middle School and the sustainable tuition assistance nursery of Kangjiahui Middle School of Shanxi. The PF exchanged and shared their practices and experience in program feasibility research, budget procedure, financial supervision, financial report, audit and clear of programs, prediction and distribution plan of proceeds and openness of financial information.

  • On 26 Aug. 2002, a group of four including Mr. Tiecheng Wand, the office director of Hangzhi Tao Institute of China and Professor Feng Lu, the consultant of Hangzhi Tao Institute of the people's University of China visited Beijing office of the PF and discussed the cooperation prospect.

  • On 3 Sept. 2002, American caring and loving citizen – Ms. Wendy donated for consisting ‘Wendy Band' to the PF program school - Muyu Elementary School of Shennongjia forest region, Hubei province. Muyu Elementary School bought some music instruments such as dulcimers, pipas, erhus and etc. with Ms. Wendy's donation. Wendy Band would collect, modify and compile folk songs and folk rhymes of Shennongjia region. The 2 nd Fruit Lake Elementary School of Wuhan City formed sister schools with Muyu Elementary School and appointed music teachers to offer technical guidance for Muyu Elementary School .

  • From the end of Nov. to the middle of Sept. 2002, the 3-month ‘green tea tuition assistance' activity would be held in needy areas of Hubei , Hunan and Jiangxi . This activity was a consecutive action after the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale for tuition assistance during May holiday of 2002 and aimed at finding stable tea market for those tea tuition assistance program schools in needy areas, helping schools to gain more proceeds and benefiting more needy children.

  • In the middle of Sept. 2002, the SOW-A-SEED FOUNDATION of USA donated for starting the SOW-A-SEED/PF herb garden program to Daoxiang Village Elementary School of Wutong Town, Xiaoyi City , Shanxi province. Mr. Myra Chan from the SOW-A-SEED FOUNDATION and the PF staff inspected the program in April.

  • On 1 Jun. 2002, the PF was invited to attend the seminar of Rural Education Ideology of Hangzhi Tao held by Hangzhi Tao Institute of the people's University of China . Two parties discussed cooperation matters on 27 June.

  • In May 2002, Xiayuxuan Bookstore and Fulige Trading Limited from Beijing donated 400 books of << Life Stories of Scientists >> and 979 books of junior school textbook revision materials valued at ? 14003.57 Yuan to the PF. The PF contributed respectively all books to Bagualing Middle School and Chehepu Middle School of Xinglong County, Hebei , Bayan Tala Sumu Middle School of Zalute Qi, Inner Mongolia and Dripping Elementary School of Gucheng County, Hubei .

  • On 7-1 May 2002, Zhang Jiarong, the principal of the Dripping Water Elementary School, and three of his students from Gucheng County, Hubei Province held successfully a charitable tea sale event. The ‘Green Dripping Water' green tea from the Frances Rollins Tea Garden was picked by the school pupils and produced by the schoolteachers. The event gained ? 24,280 Yuan proceeds from the charity tea sale and a donation of ? 4254.24 Yuan for sustainable tuition aid.

  • The 2-month PF/China Follow-Up event started in March 2002. The report would reflect the present situation of the PF program schools and local villagers including aided school children's life, study, security, sanitary and health, and how the PF helped the schools to solve the problems in financial matters and computer application according to the facts.

  • On 22 Feb. 2002, Ms. Winona Dorschel, the Chief Chinese representative from American NPO – ‘PACT' visited the PF Beijing Office. Two parties discussed issues on service of financial management, community service, small-amount loan, assessment of organization ability, helping women to enhance their status, program operation management and etc., and exchanged views and reached initial cooperation intention.

  • On 19 Jan. 2002, Ms. Gui Liu, the executive chairman of Hong Kong Green & Shine Foundation and Mr. Dian Kang, the president met with some students from Bagualing Middle School and Chehepu Middle School of Xinglong county, Hebei and funded by ‘Green & Shine Alma Mater's Scholarship' in the PF Beijing Office. They exchanged ideas on issues about study, life, ideals and etc. Teacher representatives from 2 schools and Ms. Tongyan Lv from Beijing Institute of Environment and Development.


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