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PF Summary (2003)


  • In Dec. 2003, schoolmate Li Nie funded by the PF wrote an article in science and technology ‘bees don't sound by flapping the wings', and took part in the 18 th National Youth Creation Contest of Science and Technology and won the silver prize and Shiqi Gao Special Award for Science Popularization.

  • On 26 Dec. 2003, Nationality and Anthropology Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science supported the PF program school by purchasing tuition aid product – ‘Green Dripping Water' tea that was produced by Quanfuhe Elementary School of Yidu, Hubei province.

  • On 26 Dec. 2003, Mr. Zhibin Lin, a Beijing caring and loving citizen, again donated violins, Pipas, watches, beeper pagers and etc. after his donations of electronic music instruments, Pipas, computers, book bags and etc. in May 2002.

  • In Dec.-Oct. 2003, student societies and departments from China University of Agriculture, China University of Political Science and Law, Chinese Girls College , Eastern Normal University of China, Qinghai University, Inner Mongolia University of Finance and etc. organized ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale to support rural tuition assistance activities.

  • In 13-3 Dec. 2003, the PF staff visited its tuition assistance program schools in 3 provinces (Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan) and 5 counties, assessed and graded tuition assistance programs.

  • On 2 Nov. 2003, the PF passed the resolution that present tuition aid programs were assessed and graded according to regulated standards in order to reinforce management of sustainable tuition aid programs and give effective and full play of the implemented tuition aid programs. The Pf would make different decision on different-grading program to help the model programs and good-developing programs to go up, and help problem programs to find ways to success.

  • On 26 Oct. 2003, the PF staff were invited to attend the 1 st NPO salon held by NPO Information Consulting Center in Beijing , met NPO people from home and abroad exchanged and discussed the development and future of NPO.

  • On 13 Oct. 2003, the senior assistant of the PF was invited to participate the exchange meeting of promotion and development programs of the Experiment and Cooperation Society held by the International Committee of the Workers' Cooperation Organization of China in Beijing .

  • On 20-12 Sept. 2003, the PF staff organized teachers and pupils of Dripping Water Elementary School to hold the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale for tuition assistance in Shanghai Hall of Science and Technology, Fudan University, Yonghe Elementary School of Zhabei district and commercial area of Fuzhou road with the warm help of Shanghai Society of Tea, the Society of philosophy department and the CYLC of Shanghai Fudan University, Shanghai Youth Center of Huangpu district and Shanghai Yonghe Elementary School of Zhabei district. (CYCL, the Communist Youth League of China )

  • On 18-13 Aug. 2003, Ms. Lin Liu, the board director of the PF, together with young volunteers from China and America visited Dripping Water Elementary School . They held the interactive teaching activity together.

  • On 13 Aug. 2003, needy student Baogui Wu from Chehepu Middle School was funded by ‘PF/Zhiqiang Fu Alma Mater's Scholarship' for entering into Hebei University of Science and Technology.

  • On 9-7 Aug. 2003, the PF staff visited Chehepu Middle School of Hebei and held a on-the-spot community council meeting to discuss the tuition assistance program contract.

  • On 26 Jul. 2003, introduced by Teacher Wendong Zhang from Bagualing Middle School , the PF staff visited the department of park and gardening and the department of animal science at Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology, and invited expert volunteers for the PF program schools. Professor Jianhua Wu, Libin Zhang and the expert team amiably volunteered for the programs. On 27, Professor Jianhua Wu went to Fenghuangshan School of Qinglong to guide the program in the rain.

  • In 3-1 Jul. 2003, students and teachers of Hangzhi Tao Institute of the people's University of China held the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale on their campus. The activity won warm support and sold 90 Jin of tea. All funds from the charity sale were transferred to Quanfuhe Elementary School .

  • On 1 Jun. 2003, the website of was open officially. Donors can order on the Internet and purchase tea products after confirmation.

  • • On 12 May 2003, ‘Green Dripping Water' tea package and sign were put into practice officially. The package used of the mathematical model fake proof technology. Users can log onto the website of and input the fake proof number printed on inner package bag to test the truthfulness.

  • Under the influence of SARs, the original ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale for tuition assistance on 7-1 May 2003 was postponed. Beijing warmhearted volunteers such as Ms. Min Fu, Ms. Yiling Gao, Ms. Yali Wang and Mr. Yi Wang purchased tuition aid tea by mails to raise tuition fees for rural school children. In the end of May, the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale for tuition assistance would be held on the website of .

  • On 4-1 Apr. 2003, accompanied by the PF staff the sales manager of Yutai Wu Tea Company of Beijing and experts of the department of tea science at Zhejiang University visited poor tea area of program schools in Hubei and provided technical guidance in tea-picking and tea-making. Journalists from <Morning Beijing> program of BJTV made follow-up report.

  • In Apr.-Mar. 2003, the PF promoted the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale for tuition assistance in Beijing , Shanghai , Guangdong , Hubei , Jiangxi and etc. Young volunteers such as Zhixi Yang of Hangzhi Tao Institute of the people's University of China, Jing Li from the legal assistance center of Beijing University, Ye Ni from Shanghai Office, Hong Kong Shirui Investment Management Corporation, Ruizhu Li from Guangdong Jinbao Group and etc. made a huge contribution for the preparation of the charity sale which would be held in May in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.

  • On 28 Mar. 2003, a group of 4, donors of Huitong/PF sheep breeding farm tuition assistance program at Fenghuangshan Town Head School of Qinglong County, Hebei , visited the school and the constructing field. They put forward issues and proposals. On 8-7 Apr., the PF staff went to the area, exchanged views on the issues with students and teachers and villager, held meeting with technical supporters and coordinated ideas from different parts to ensure the program in health process.

  • On 5 Mar. 2003, Chairman Mr. Yuan Zhou of the PF had a discussion on ‘tea tuition assistance' matters in needy areas with President Mr. Hui Chen and Vice President Mr. Chongli Liu of OCTB, Vice Standing Chairman Mr. Jiaxuan Wu of Juenong Wu Tea Science Ideology Institute in Beijing . They reached an intention of setting up the long-time support system for tea sale of the tea program schools.

  • In Mar. 2003, the PF invited Jiarong Zhang, the principal of Dripping Water Elementary School as the special supervisor of the program. He was responsible for ‘Green Dripping Water' tea production on standards and the production quality supervision and guidance. Local education organizations gave strong support and cooperation in the program.

  • On 28-27 Feb. 2003, the PF audited the financial situation of the tuition aid program of Bagualing Middle School of Xinglong County, Hebei, trained the school to regulate the financial system and cleared up program assets.

  • In Feb. 2003, supported by the press agency of <<Hubei Education>>, the PF made a survey on tea resources of rural schools in Hubei . The survey showed most tea area schools had their own tea gardens in the west and the northeast of Hubei with an area from 0.4 mu to 598 mu, yearly average production of 11.25 tons, however, the total tea area in schooling region was from 20 mu to 40,000 mu and yearly average production was 9847.57 tons. The survey provided the PF with the basis for developing tea tuition aid programs.

  • In Jan. 2003, PF Chairman Mr. Yuan Zhou had a meeting with Ms. Danwei Sun, the general manager of Yutai Wu Tea Company of Beijing in Beijing . Both parties reached common understanding in developing Chinese green tea and improving children's education environment in tea area and formed long-term cooperative partners. Both parties provided the aided schools with technical guidance and information support in tea planting, processing, selling and etc. and decided to hold tea charity sales for tuition assistance in Beijing area during May holiday of 2003.

  • On 7-1 Jan. 2003, the PF staff attended the ‘training on rural construction of China' held by the magazine agency of <Chinese Reform> and exchanged ideas with more than 70 peasants, 30 scholars and 30 university students all over the country.


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