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Acknowledgments: Donors and Partners

The Phelex Foundation gratefully acknowledges donors and partners whose contributions made possible of each of the following project.


Honoree: Year of Sponsored Project School:
Mrs. Frances Rollins, US
The Frances Rollins Tea Garden (98) Dripping Water Elementary School, Gucheng, Hubei
Mr. Mark Rosasco, US The Mark Rosasco Farm (98) Xiabao Elementary School, Yidu, Hubei
The Overseas Chinese Tea Business Foundation, China The OCTB-Phelex Tea Garden (99)
The OCTB-Phelex Tea Garden
Hulupeng Elementary School, Yingshan, Hubei
Quanfuhe Elementary School, Yidu, Hubei
Mr. Pasi Rutanen, Finland The Phelex-Rutanen Spice Garden (99) Sala Girls Middle School, Xunhua, Qinghai
Anonymous, US The Baishan Tea Garden (99) Ma'ao Elementary School, Yingshan, Hubei
Anonymous, US The Phelex Tea Garden (99) Xieshan Elementary School, Gucheng, Hubei
The Kasumisou Foundation, Japan The Phelex-Kasumisou Orchard (99) Bayantala High School, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia
The UPM-Kymmene/Phelex Sapling Nursery (99) Ansi Elementary School, Yan'an, Shaanxi
UPM-KYMMENE/Phelex Ecological Orchard Program(2005) Fuxin  Elementary School
UPM-KYMMENE /Phelex Bitter bamboo shoot base(2005) Houshan Main School

UPM-KYMMENE /Phelex  mushroom & fungus plantation (2005)

UPM/Phelex Well Drilling Program (2008)

UPM/Phelex Poplar Tree Farm (2008)

Lukou  Elementary School


Pozhao Elementary School

Qiaocun Elementary School

Anonymous, US The Phelex/Li Daoming Sapling Nursery (2000) Wanfu High School, Yongzhou, Hunan
Freshfields, UK The Phelex-Freshfields Orchard (2000) Sanguyao Elementary School, Wuqi, Shaanxi
Anonymous, US
Phelex-Dubow eucommia Nursery Huangxiekou Elementary School, Jianli, Hubei
Civil Society Program, Canada
Community Council Training (2000) Schools supported by Phelex and CCF
Anonymous , US
ANI Garden (2001) Puli Tibetan Elementary School, Diqen, Yunnan
Green and Shine Limited, Hongkong
Nursery for Newly Invented Fruit Tree Saplings (2001)
Phelex Orchard (2001)
Alma Mater's Tuition Aid Program (2001)
Bagualing Agriculture Professional Middle School, Xinglong, Hebei.
Chehepu Middle School, Xinglong, Hebei
SOW-A-SEED Foundation,US SOW-A-SEED/Phelex Herb Garden(2002) Daoxiang Elementary School,Xiaoyi,shanxi.
Huitong Fund for Education Huitong/Phelex Sheep Breeding Field(2002) Fenghuangshan Middle School,qinglong,Hebei
Friend of Nature Friend of Nature/Phelex Sapling Nursery(2003) Kangjiahui Middle School,Jingle,Shanxi.
Lexen Inc., USA Yangxiangjun Tuition Aid Program(2003-2006) Shuiguohu First Middle School,Wuhan,Hubei.
Xie Qinghai,Malaysia Xie Qinghai/Phelex High-quality lawn Huangrangping Elementary School
BCF BCF/Phelex apricot kernel farm(2005) Luogou Elementary School

Freeman Foundation


Inner City Kids in China Program(2004, 2006, 2007, 2009) Snowden Internationa School, USA
SEE Foundation SEE/Phelex Ecological  agriculture Program(2005) A La Shan Zuoqi 7th Middle School
China Charity Federation 2000 the Phelex Foundtion Summer Training Seminar Beijing

Raybin Wong Foundation


Raybin Wong Fruit Tree Bonsai Project

Phelex/Raybin Wong Poplar Tree Farm

Xinglong Vocational School

Bayan Tala Middle School

Givology USA Textbooks & school supplies Qiaocun Elementary School
Mr. & Ms. Zhou Nan 1997 Rural Teacher Award Hubei Province Schools
Ms.Wendy ,US Wendy School Band Muyu Primary School


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