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Donor's Profile

Mark Rosasco

Mr. Mark Rosasco, the first partner of Phelex Foundation projects, is involved in China projects as well as those in Cambodia and Laos.

In Feb, 1998, Mr. Mark Rosasco, cooperating with Phelex, donated to help Xiabao Elementary School, Yidu County, Hubei, set up "Phelex/Mark Rosasco Farm". In the first stage, the Nursery Base and Greenhouse were founded. In the second stage, the water supply was finished to ensure the program to run smoothly.

In June,1998, the disadvantaged, with the cost of living no more than Rmb 1, tasted the fresh vegetables planted by themselves. In Sept., 27 beneficiaries were aided with the proceeds from the Nursery Base and Greenhouse.

In Oct., Mr. Mark Rosasco and Mr. Yuan Zhou, chairman of the Phelex Foundation, visited Xiabao Elementary School and designed for 310 pupils the weekly "Nutrition Supplement Program" that provided each of 310 pupils with 2 ounces of meat and 2 eggs. Mark Rosasco provided 3-year funding for that program and the proceeds from "Phelex/Mark Rosasco Farm" could make that program sustainable. In addition, they helped a poor pupil, whose father was blind, go back to the school.

In 1999, there were 166 beneficiaries aided as planed.

Mr. Mark Rosasco and Mr. Yuan Zhou are visiting Xiabao Elementary School.

Mr.Rosasco with a student and his father.
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