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Acknowledgments: Donors and Partners

General Public Supporters

Sponsors Country Year
Dr. Randolph Zhang USA 1996-present
Mr. Jyrki Kallio Finland 1999
Ms. Li Yanping
China 1999
Mr. Zhihong Chou
USA 2000
Ms. Melissa Thomas
Canada 2000
Mr. Jianluca D'anuolo
Italy 2000
Ms. Wu Ning
USA 2004, 2006
Mr. Kevin Freeley
USA 2004, 2005, 2006
Ms. Yiming Feng USA 2006, 2007
Francis Lo USA 2007
Mr.& Mrs. Ken Lew USA 2005
Mrs. Susan Cannon USA 2004
Mr. Steven Tam USA 2004
The Parish of Sacred Heart USA 2005, 2006
Aixin Foundation USA 2005
Vanguard Public Foundation USA 1999
Ms. Zhang Mei USA 2000
Mr. Fu Zhiqiang
China 1999-present
Mr. Gao Fang China 2004
Mr. Hao Ying China 2003
York Preparatory School USA 2002
Ms.Zhang Yun China 2000-present
Mr.Songyang China 1998-present
Hubei Education Committee China 2005
Hubei Education Newspaper Office China 2002
Guangdong Education Press China 2005
Guangdong Science and Technology Press China 2005
Peoples Education Press China 2005
Educational Dept.CNAC China 2005
Mr.Liu Peisheng China 2002
ABN AMRO Bank Holland 1999


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