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2006 Inner City Kids in China Program

------connect to Chinese students

Although the American students are familiar with their schools in America , this is the first time they have come to a Chinese school. For the Chinese city students, this is the first time they have seen a school in the countryside. They visited good high schools in China ----the Luhe High School in Beijing and the High School Affiliated To Nanjing Normal University in Nanjing , which have long histories and the best teaching facilities. Through this program, the city students have now also visited a countryside school-----the Xinglong Vocational High School . More importantly, they have had face-to-face exchanges with the local school students and established friendships with each other.

Ms.Terry talks to Xinglong students.
Aina shows Snowden Year Books.
Introduce city schools in Guangzhou
Dance with Chinese students
View school development plan in Nanjing
Visit our"old friends" at Luhe School

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2006 Inner City Kids in China Program

Thomas Saccardi,a visitor from Wall Street,inspected Dripping Water project and Xieshan project

American volunteers' teaching activity in Xinglong County during the May Day Holiday

In April 2006,The Raybin Q.Wong Educational Foundationís representative Ms.Shaopeizhen visited the tuition-aid project in Xinglong Vocational School.

In April 2006,UPM representative Ms.Soile visited the tuition aid project in Lukou, Jiangsu Province, accompanied by Phelex staff.

In March 2006,community council elelction meeting was held Sichuan and Guizhou Province.

Between November 22 and 28, 2005,visit elementary schools in Henan Province.

2004 Inner City Kids in China Program

In 2004,report from the Ansi Elementary School in Yanan.

In August 2003,Making Connections-- City Youngsters meet Rural Children.

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