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»Heavy snowstorm attacks Alashan Tuition Aid Project
From March 2nd to the 4th, 2007, a heavy snowstorm attacked the Alashan Area of Inner Mongolia, which resulted in severe damage to the local agricultural and animal product industries. In addition, greenhouses established from school tuition aid programs have also been damaged seriously. On March 4, 2007 almost 110 students and teachers actively devoted themselves to project restoration and protection even under intense cold weather conditions. Through their joint efforts, the losses to Alashan Tuition Aid Project (STAP) due to the blizzard have been greatly diminished.


»Countryside English teacher training in this September
This past September, English teachers of the Phelex Tuition-Aid Program schools in Sichuan , Hubei and Shanxi Province participated in the Rural Area English Teacher Closed Training program sponsored by the Bright China Foundation. Most of the  teachers that attended the one-month course at ESEC English College of Peking University received high marks.


»2006 Inner City Kids in China Program
This summer, American inner-city youth participated in China’s 2006 Inner-City Kids in China Program, which started in 2004. During the trip, seven students and two teachers from Snowden High school visited Beijing, Hebei Province, Nanjing and Shanghai from June 20th to July 4th. They were joined by three American suburban high school students and four Guangzhou city middle school students along with one teacher. All participants spent four days in Xinglong Vocational School in Xinglong County, Hebei Province to perform community service and to help raise funds for the Vocational School’s needy students. (more)


»MBA student from Westminster College visits Phelex
Shawn Snow, a MBA student from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, visited the Phelex Beijing Office last October. As a NGO pursuer, he already had knowledge about Phelex through the Internet before coming to China. He had a deep exchange and discussion with the Phelex staffers about the organization structure, operation methods, project operational aspects, and challenges the Phelex faces. Shawn appreciated the tuition-aid programs and hoped that he could do something meaningful for the disadvantaged students of tuition aid project schools in the future.


»The Dripping Water School welcomes the visitor from the U.S.
In this beautiful tea harvest Spring season the Phelex Foundation is honored to have an opportunity to invite Mr. Tom Saccardi, a business executive of an American insurance company to visit the Dripping Water School and Xieshan Elementary School in Gucheng, Hubei Province. While teaching management courses in Wuhan city, newly retired Mr. Saccardi is interested in knowing more about Phelex's sustainable tuition-aid programs.. ( more )


»American teachers teach in Xinglong Vocational School
During the Mayday vacation week, the Xinglong Vocational School is delighted to welcome an American artist Mr. Kadir Cannon and teacher Mrs. Susan Cannon from Pennsylvania. Mr. Cannon shared his masterpiece art work “Peace” with art classes, while Mrs. Cannon provided intensive training for students and local English teachers to improve their English. (more )


»Visit the Lukou tuition aid project in Jiangsu Province
On April 3, 2006 UPM representative Ms. Soile visited he local officials and administrators of the Tuition Aid Project of Lukou Elementary School in Jiangsu Province. Volunteers from Beijiing and representatives of the Phelex Foundation escorted her on her visit. Ms. Soile also donated books, stationery, foodproducts and cash to the students of Lukou Elementary School.


»Community Council election meetings in Sichuan and Guizhou Provinces
Between March 13 and 23, 2006, Community Council election meetings were successfully held in Houshan Central School in Sichuan Province and Fuxin Elementary School in Guizhou Province. Afterwards, staff from the Phelex Foundation provided the newly elected Community Council members with procedures and financial control of the school's project training for the members of the newly-elected community council of the school's project training.


»2006 the Phelex Christmas Party
On December 24, 2005, many people from various fields came to the Phelex Foundation Christmas Party. Participants are representatives from environmental protection organizations, educational NPOs, rural economical and educational scholars from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, headmasters from the tuition aid project schools and university students from Beijing. They freely discussed education and development projects in China, and shared their stories, experiences, lessons and challenges.


»Visit the village school in Youyang County,Chongqing City
During the National Day vacation, Mr. Zhou, Chairman of the Phelex Foundation and Dr. Ran Hua from China Securities Regulatory Commission visited a few country schools in Youyang, Chongqing city to explore the possibilities of establishing sustainable tuition aid projects for needy schools. They shared concepts of financial management and Community Council supervision systems with the local officials and school faculties.  Ms. Fan, the director of Phelex Beijing Office also participated.


»Alax SEE Ecology Association Funds reach out to the Disadvantaged Children in Inner Mongolia                         
Many students in the 7th Middle School are from families who moved from pastoral areas in Inner Mongolia . It is a challenge for these children to make transitions in their life style and schooling while being burdened by financial difficulties. In August of 2005, Alax SEE Ecology Association worked with the Phelex Foundation to establish two environmental-friendly projects involving greenhouse gas reducing agriculture and pigpens. The project proceeds will be used to fund tuition for 330 needy students. It is also understood that projects will, at the same time, provide opportunities for students to learn about farming techniques, which are new to these students. We hope the project can help these students better adjust to their new life while providing a sustainable solution for the children's schooling.


»“Field Prize” granted by Alashan SEE Ecology Association
 On Apr 22. 2005, the sustainable Tuition Aid Sapling Nursery Program of Kangjiahui Middle School was awarded the first non-governmental environment protection prize of China, called “Field Prize” granted by Alashan SEE Ecology Association. The program was funded by the Friend of Nature (hereinafter referred to as the FON) and the Phelex Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the PF). The model of ecology, education and poverty assistance was widely recognized and praised as organic integration of production, life and environment.


»The chairman of the PF visits Xinglong Middle Vocational School of Hebei.
On Mar 21, 2005, Mr. Yuan Zhou, the Chairman of the PF visited Xinglong Middle Vocational School of Hebei Province. The PF will sponsor to establish a fruit forest and support students from needy families who wants to participate in the project . These students are expected to acquire basic agricultural techniques.


»The editorial department of the magazine <Science Lesson> of  Hubei  donates again computers and books.
On Mar 29. 2005, the editorial department of the magazine Science Lesson of Hubei Education press agency donated again computers and books at a cost of 50,000RMB to Huangxiekou Elementary School and Quanfuhe Elementary School of Jianli, Hubei Province. It provided favorable conditions for teaching and information exchange of rural schools.


»Pepperdine University Scholars study Bagualing school project
In early March 2004, scholars Dale Ainsworth, Kathrine Farnham, Mary Vogen, and Wendy Tan from Pepperdine University in California visited the Foundation's Beijing office as well as our project school in Xinglong, Bagualing. The scholars are interested in the way that Phelex Foundation helps disadvantaged school age children complete basic education. The topic attracted a lot of attention at the NGO conference held in Beijing.


»Co-fund program with The Friend of Nature
In December 2002, the Phelex Foundation agreed to co-fund 10,000RMB to a special tuition assistance program to Kangjiahui Middle School 's "Dandelion Project" initiated by the Friend of Nature, a non-profit organization in China . The project aims at generating sustainable tuition funds through a school-based nursery. The Friend of Nature will donate 50,000RMB to the project.


»In April 21, 2001 the Sparkice Company in Beijing donated 15 computers to one of the Phelex's project schools---Bagualing Middle School in Hebei Province.


»From August 4th to 7th, 2000, Rural Community Council Training was held.



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2007 Inner City Kids in China Program

Thomas Saccardi,a visitor from Wall Street,inspected Dripping Water project and Xieshan project

American volunteers' teaching activity in Xinglong County during the May Day Holiday

In April 2006,The Raybin Q.Wong Educational Foundationís representative Ms.Shaopeizhen visited the tuition-aid project in Xinglong Vocational School.

In April 2006,UPM representative Ms.Soile visited the tuition aid project in Lukou, Jiangsu Province, accompanied by Phelex staff.

In March 2006,community council elelction meeting was held Sichuan and Guizhou Province.

Between November 22 and 28, 2005,visit elementary schools in Henan Province.

2004 Inner City Kids in China Program

In 2004,report from the Ansi Elementary School in Yanan.

In August 2003,Making Connections-- City Youngsters meet Rural Children.

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