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In April 21, 2001 the Sparkice Company in Beijing donated 15 computers to one of the Phelex's project schools---Bagualing Middle School in Hebei Province. The purpose is to provide local school with an easy access to the information technology highway. To facilitate the process, the Phelex Foundation launched the "Sparkice Computer Education Program".



Mr. Yuan Zhou, Chairman of the Phelex
Foundation, announced the opening of the
"Sparkice Computer Education Program".
Sparkice staff helped transport the donated computers to Bagualing Middle School.
Sparkice officer taught computer knowledge to teachers and students at Bagualing Middle School. Sparkice staff and Mr. Zhou visited students' families.
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2006 the Phelex Foundation Youth Urban-suburban Cross-cultural Exchange

Thomas Saccardi,a visitor from Wall Street,inspected Dripping Water project and Xieshan project

American volunteers' teaching activity in Xinglong County during the May Day Holiday

In April 2006,The Raybin Q.Wong Educational Foundation's representative Ms.Shaopeizhen visited the tuition-aid project in Xinglong Vocational School.

In April 2006,UPM representative Ms.Soile visited the tuition aid project in Lukou, Jiangsu Province, accompanied by Phelex staff.

In March 2006,community council elelction meeting was held Sichuan and Guizhou Province.

Between November 22 and 28, 2005,visit elementary schools in Henan Province.

Cultural communication between Chinese and American students in 2004.

In 2004,report from the Ansi Elementary School in Yanan.

In August 2003,Making Connections-- City Youngsters meet Rural Children.

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