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  • Completed Sustainable Tuition Aid Projects in China
Guangdong Herbs Farm Shazhen Elementary School
Guangxi Sanhuali Fruit Garden Tobo Elementary School
Hebei Phelex Orchard
Chehepu Middle School
Phelex Fruit Tree Sapling Bagualing Middle School
Guixin Sapling Garden Bagualing Middle School
Hubei Frances Virginia Bost Rollins Tea Garden Drippingwater Elementary School
Phelex/Dripping Water Oil Mill Drippingwater Elementary School
Mushroom & Herb Nursery Hope Elementary School
Tea Farm & Tea Leaf Processing Huangjiahe Elementary School
OTCB/Phelex Tea Farml
Hulupen Elementary School
The Fish Pond Liuping Elementary School
Shan Bai Tea Farm Ma'ao Elementary School
The Tea Garden
Muyu Elementary School

OCTB/Phelex Tea Farm Quanfuhe Elementary School
Duzhong Saplings Farm Tianzhushan Elementary School
The Green Tea Garden Wangjia Elementary School
Tea & Herb Garden West Plain Elementary School
Tea Farm & Tea Processing Xieshan Elementary School
The Rosasco Greenhouse Xiabao Elementary School
Hunan Daiming/Phelex Sapling Nursery Huangrangping Middle School
Xie Qinghai/Phelex High-quality lawn Huangrangping Elementary School
Li Daoming Experimental Lily Nursery Wanfu Middle School
Inner Mongolia Kasumisou/Phelex Apricot Base Bayan Tala Middle School
Jiangxi Rabbit Farm Fangtai Middle School
Phelex Tea Farm Shangcun Elementary School
Qinghai The Phelex/Rutanen Spice Garden Sala Girls Middle School
Shanxi UPM-KYMMENE/Phelex Reforestation
Research Program
Ansi Elementary School
Freshfields/Phelex Apricot Farm Sanguyao Elementary School
Shanxi Dates Plantation Qianlingxi Elementary School
Pigeon Farm Xixinbi Elementary School
SOW-A-SEED/Phelex Herbs Farm Daoxiang Elementary School
Friend of Nature/Phelex Sapling Nursery Kangjiahui Middle School
Yunnan The ANI Garden Puli Tibetan Elementary School

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