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Quanfuhe Elementary School
OCTB/Phelex Tea Farm

Facts about school:
Tuition and fees per year RMB 138($16.8) Per capita annual income RMB 500 ($61 ) in 1996
Number of teachers 16 Number of students 301
Location Zhicheng County, Hubei Province (Click for Map)

School and project photos:
OCTB/Phelex Tea Farm  
Project developments:

  • In the spring of 2000, the PF donated RMB 31, 600 for setting up the green tea farm. In the same year, the OCTB adopted the program and named as ‘OCTB/PF Tea Farm'. The annual income was ? 11, 000 Yuan including levied tax of RMB 10, 000 . The remaining proceeds of RMB 1, 000 funded 16 extremely needy pupils.
  • In the winter of 2000, the PF staff specially visited related officials of local government, explained that donors were paying close attention on needy school children and how they trusted and expected the government's appeal. Finally the local government announced the program was exempted from RMB 5, 000 tax, which was used for reproduction and tuition assistance. The fund went into the school account in early 2001.
  • In the spring of 2001, the program funded 50 needy pupils at a cost of RMB 2, 505 including RMB 105 for 1 extremely needy pupil and RMB 50 for each of 49 needy pupils.
  • In Dec. 2002, since the school was lack of labor, tea making season conflicted with school revision and examination time, the contradiction between production and teaching was obvious, the school decided to contract the tea factory for RMB 2, 000 annual rental, RMB 5, 000 of tax exemption return. The total amount of RMB 7, 000 was used for funding needy children.
  • In 2002, the school gained RMB 2, 000 annual rental, RMB 2, 500 of tax exemption return, RMB4, 500 in total by September. The school spent RMB 2, 960 in funding 42 needy pupils. Other tuition aid and related fund would be finished in the end of the year.
  • In Mar. 2003, the tea factory was accepted as a source of ‘Green Dripping Water' tea and produced the tea according to regulated standards.
  • In Apr. 2003, Beijing TV reporters went to the school and specially covered the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea tuition aid program.
  • In May 2003, the tea samples passed the test of the Commodity Quality Supervision and Testing Center of Drinks and Tea of Chinese Business Association. The school produced the tea on scale.
  • In Jun. 2003, the program made transaction on the Internet through the tuition aid information system of .
  • In Jul. 2003, students and teachers of Tao Hangzhi Institute of the people's University of China held the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale on their campus.
  • In Sept. – Nov. 2003, the ‘Green Dripping Water' tea charity sale was held at some universities in Beijing and Shanghai .

Tuition Aid Received by:
Year Tuition aid amount Number of beneficiaries
RMB 582
RMB 2,505
RMB 2,960


RMB 3,880


Adoption Status: adopted by the Overseas Chinese Tea Business Foundation
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