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Yang Xiangjun Tuition Assistance Fund

In memory of Ms. Yang Xiangjun , the first female honorable principal at Shuiguohu First Middle School , a tuition assistance fund named after Ms. Yang was established a few years ago. In 2003 the Phelex Foundation started to work with Lexen Inc. (US) to continue to support this tuition assistance fund for 9 needy students for the next three years. All recipients are in excellent academic standing and from financially disadvantaged families. They were awarded full tuition payment of RMB5200/year/person. Each year the Yang Xiangjun Tuition Assistance Fund's recipients were:

2005-2006 school year :


2004-2005 school year :

Zhu Yingming 9th grader

Wu  Wanyu    9th grader

Pan Qingqing 9th grader
Xiao Shishu    9th grader
Li  Longwei     9th grader

Li  Qing           9th grader

Xu  Xiongyi     8th grader

Zhu Mengya   8th grader

Wang Yan      8th grader

2003-2004 school year :
Luo Gan         9th grader
Li  Pingan       9th grader
Wu  Yunxiang 9th grader
Wu  Wanyu    8th grader
Li  Longwei     8th grader
Li  Qing           8th grader
Zhu Yingming  8th grader
Pan Qingqing  8th grader
Xiao Shishu     8th grader

The Phelex Foundation greatly appreciates Lexen Inc.'s efforts for its generous contributions that made the Yang Xiangjun Tuition Assistance Fund available to needy students.



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