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Wangjia Elementary School
The Green Tea Garden

Facts about school:
Tuition and fees per year RMB 250 ($30.5) Per capita annual income RMB 680 ($82) in 1996
Number of teachers 19 Number of students 419
Location Yuan'an County, Hubei Province (Click for Map)

School and project photos:
40mu abandoned tea garden is revived by Wanjia Elementary School with the support of the Phelex Foundation in Feb. 1998.

Project developments:
  • In February 1998, the Phelex Foundation funded RMB 35,000 to establish a 50mu tea garden project in partnership with local government. A tea-processing machine was purchased. In the meantime, 92 needy students received the Foundation's tuition assistance; among those 42% were girls.
  • In 1998, processing tea leaves brought RMB 7,579.93 income, which was used to provide tuition aid to 70 needy students and the purchase of stationery for 170 students.
  • In 1999, the project profit reached RMB14,830. The school spent RMB 8,000 on tuition assistance for needy students. To expand the project, teachers and villagers raised RMB 40,000 to build a mushroom farm. The school paid RMB 3,400 in taxes the same year.
  • In 2000, tea processing gained an income of RMB 16,000, but mushroom farm lost RMB 20.000 due to slowdown market. However, the school paid RMB 7,300 in local taxes. The Foundation loaned RMB 20,000 to the project, and the local government sponsored RMB 10,000, half of what it promised.
  • In early 2001, foundation staff visited the project site and failed to reach an agreement to reduce local taxes on the project with local government. After the exhausting negotiation the school lost incentive to continue their efforts to help needy students.
  • The project had to come to an end.
Tuition Aid Received by:
Year Tuition aid amount Number of beneficiaries
RMB 3,700
RMB 8,000
RMB 1,750
Adoption Status: not available.
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