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Ma'ao Elementary School
Shan Bai Tea Farm

Facts about school:
Tuition and fees per year RMB 400 Per capita annual income RMB 640 ($78) in 1999
Number of teachers 11 Number of students 282
Location Yingshan County, Hubei Province (Click for Map)

School and project photos:
Ma'ao Elementary School    

Project developments:

  • The fact that Ma'ao Elementary School already owns quite a bit of land (80mu) made it easier to reach our goal of free education for all needy children. The Phelex Foundation provided funding to set up 30mu tea farmland in 1998. Later, all 80mu tea farm was put in use. The tea type is Maofeng, a well-known one.
  • An anonymous donor adopted the project in the name of Baishan, and the "Baishan Tuition Aid" Program was also established sponsored by Ms. Baishan herself. (click for letters to Baishan from children at Ma'ao)
  • In 1999, nine needy students received tuition aid for a cost of RMB 1,890. Later more students benefited from the project proceeds. (see the numbers below)
  • In April 2000, Ms.Bai Shan and Mr. Rollins visited Ma'ao Elementary School.
  • In 2001, the principal and other two teachers worked full time in tea processing. Substitute teachers were hired. When the principal was assigned to another school, the tea production was at risk.
  • Community Council decided to rent the tea processing equipments to local farmers, the rental fee of RMB 2,000 per year was used to cover the tuition aid cost.
  • A computer was donated and installed by the foundation for internet connection and teaching. The cost was RMB 13,645 including the purchase of a computer, training, and first year's net fee.
  • In November 2001, the foundation staff visited the project, and the new principal expressed his desire to resume the tea-processing project.
Tuition Aid Received by:
Year Tuition aid amount Number of beneficiaries
RMB 1,890
RMB 8,765
RMB 1,998

Ms.Shan Bai visited the children's class in April 2000. (more about her visiting)   Ms. Shan Bai hands out the tuition aid to needy pupils during her visit in April, 2000.(more about her visiting)
Ms. Shan Bai made a donation to the tuition aid program.      
Adoption Status: adopted by anonymous donor, US in the name of Ms. Shan Bai.
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