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Chehepu Middle School
Green & Shine Limited Orchard

Facts about school:
Tuition and fees per year RMB 402.5 ($49) Per capita annual income RMB 800 ($97.5)
in 1999
Number of teachers 29 Number of students 416
Location Xinglong County, Hebei Province (Click for Map)
School and project photos:
Phelex Orchard The donor of "Green & Shine Limited Alma Mater Special Tuition Aid Program" is talking with the beneficiaries.

Project developments:

  • In April, 2001, the Foundation cooperated with Green & Shine Limited to set up the "Green & Shine Limited Orchard" for Chehepu Middle School. Among the donation of RMB 63,050, there are RMB 10,000 for tuition aid program and RMB 8,500 for a computer. The Orchard includes 30 mu fruit saplings nursery and 50 mu fruit orchard.
  • In 2001, the Orchard sold 2500 Chinese chestnut saplings and 3000 pear saplings for RMB 7,500.
  • In Oct. 2001,"Green & Shine Limited Alma Mater Special Tuition Aid Program" was set up to sponsor the needy students to continue their schooling.
  • Local County government authorized the Orchard as the local "Agriculture Ecosystem Demonstration" and donated RMB 6,000 for support the Orchard. Chehepu Village provided water supply at no cost for the Orchard.
  • On 5 Jun., 2002, the PF donated the multi-media computers valued at RMB 8, 500 , the love program department of Beijing ‘Xiayuxuan' Bookstore donated 644 pieces of after-school guidance materials valued at RMB 5, 192.07 and Beijing Fulige Trading Limited donated 144 books named <Scientists' Life Stories> at a cost of RMB 2, 592 .
  • In Sept. 2002, the school merged with original Dazhangzi Junior School into Dazhangzi Middle School . The program crops such as dry rice, herbs didn't produce any because of drought and plant diseases and insect pests in the summer and autumn.
  • In Apr. 2004, the school implemented the system of target responsibility in the tuition aid base. The program gained RMB 4, 000 proceeds, funded 15 pupils at a cost of RMB 2, 625 .
Tuition Aid Received by:
Tuition aid amount
Number of beneficiaries
RMB 5,000
RMB 8,500
2003 RMB 2,000 39
2004 RMB 2,625 15


Adoption Status: adopted by Green & Shine Limited

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