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Luogou Elementary School

BCF/Phelex Apricot Kernel Farm


Luogou Elementary School is located in Song County in Henan Province. It is 70 km from Luoyang City and can be reached by freeways. Luogou village is the poorest in the area, with an average income of RMB 510 yuan. There are too many villagers and not enough land for them to make a decent living. 61 students, or 31% of the student body, do not have the resources to pay for tuition and fees. The average cost of living per student is around RMB 1.60 yuan to 3.60 yuan ($0.20-$0.45 USD). 80 boarding students have to sleep on the floor everyday in school due to inadequate conditions.

Tuition and fees per year RMB 160 ($19.35) Per capita annual income RMB 510 ($61.67)
in 2004
Number of teachers 8 Number of students 171
Location Song County , Henan Province
The Surrounding Mountains
   Children participate in extracurricular activities
The Classroom

Project Developments:

  • On November 11, 2005 , the Tuition Aid Program was officially started with the signing of an agreement between the Bright China Foundation and the Phelex Foundation.
  • Between November 11 and 28, 2005, the Phelex staff visited Luogou Elementary School and provided computers. They also ceded financial control of the school project. They trained to the teachers and students in community council procedures. The Foundation staff also visited the disadvantaged students' families and parent volunteers.
  • Between November 23 and 28, 2005, the villagers of the Luogou Elementary School District dug almost 9,000 earthen pits and finished preparations for planting the apricots.
  • Between December 1 and 8, the villagers finished planting and installing the irrigation of the apricot sprouts and took measures to make sure that the sprouts would endure the winter. At this point, the villagers had already worked as volunteers for almost 8,000 hours.
  • On December 6, the school extended student aid of RMB 4480, which was provided by the Bright China Foundation.
  • Between December 12 and 13, the Bright China Foundation's Project Manager, Ms. Yuxiuhong and Ms .Tanhua from the Phelex Foundation visited the Tuition Aid Program school. During their visit, they inspected the tuition aid project base, met with underprivileged students' families, and heard many useful suggestions from the community council members on how to improve program development.


Adoption Status: Adopted by Bright China Foundation

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