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Huangrangping Middle School
Daiming/Phelex Sapling Nursery

Facts about school:
Tuition and fees per year RMB 215 ($26.2) Per capita annual income RMB 610($74) in 1999
Number of teachers 22 Number of students 216
Location Yuanling County, Hunan Province (Click for Map)

School and project photos:
The teacher is teaching the grafting technique.  
Project developments:

  • In Apr, 2001, the School provided a nutrition plan for the boarders.
  • In Oct. 2001, Mr. Fu Zhiqiang, an entrepreneur from Hong Kong, set up the "Alma Mater's Special Tuition Aid Program" in this school to support Yuan Huaicai in finishing his high-school education and will continue to support his higher education.
  • In Nov. 2001, Mr. Fu Zhiqiang donated clothing valued RMB 1,100 to this project school.
  • In 2001, more than 6000 Nan bamboo (nan zhu) saplings were planted but only 300 saplings survived because of transportation and weather problems. The town forestry station presented 4, 000 saplings at no cost after knowing the news, the survival rate was over 80%. 20, 000 fruit saplings were planted, the survival rate exceeded 90%, 20% of them were shifted and the remaining in the spring of 2003. The greenhouse watermelon saplings earned RMB 3, 000 . The school spent RMB 18, 000 in building water facilities to bring clean mountain spring into the school.
  • Students such as Chong Peng made use of watermelon greenhouse to study agrotechniques, and wrote a technological article about watermelon cultivation with teachers' guidance. He participated in the 23 rd Hunan Youth Technological Creation Contest on behalf of Huaihua city and won the 1 st prize.
  • In Aug. 2002, the program harvested 5000 jin golden pears (23 mu, 1250 pear trees), gave each pupils 3 pears, sold 3710 jin at the price of RMB 1 per jin.
  • In the autumn of 2002, the program funded 14 extremely needy pupils at a cost of RMB 1, 968 .
  • In Jul. 2003, the program sold golden pears, gained RMB 6, 389 proceeds and spent RMB 2, 570 in funding 16 needy school children.
  • In Jul. 2003, Huaicai Yuan, who had been funded by Mr. Zhiqiang Fu (A Hong Kong entrepreneur) for 2 consecutive years, passed the National Entrance Examination for Higher Education and was admitted by Xiangtan University at high mark. Mr. Fu continued to fund Huaicai Yuan for finishing his study. The fund for the 1 st phase, RMB 6, 245 , was ready.
  • In the spring of 2004, golden pear trees grew well after orchard repairing and trimming. In Nov. golden pears were sold out. Yuanling Education Bureau helped tuition aid products' sale by offering group purchase.
  • In Jan. 2005, the dormitory was on fire because of wire ageing; fortunately no casualty but the fire destroyed 4 rooms and students' clothing. These students from needy mountain area faced worsen situation in the winter.
Year Tuition aid amount Number of beneficiaries
RMB 7,118
RMB 4,200
RMB 4,538
RMB 8,105

Jottings :

Adoption Status: adopted by anonymous donor in the name of
Ms. Daiming.
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