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Saving Song Pengfei Fund

Health System in China fails as AIDS Enters
New York Times

BEIJING -- Song Pengfei passes his days in a spare 12- by 12-foot room moving from a bed with a red- checked blanket, to a chair, to a donated computer. His parents, their lives crammed into the adjacent sitting room, spend their days worrying. (more...)

A Visit to Song Pengfei
Reported by Professor Chris RzoncaGeneral Studies Program
New York University
(June 22, 1999)

On May 24, 1999, a group of fifteen students and faculty from New York University's General Studies Program visited Song Pengfei and his Mom and Dad in Beijing. (more...)

Donors List

The Phelex Foundation has started to receive donations to Saving Song Pengfei Fund since March 21, 1999. Donations of any amount are welcome. (Click for the complete list by the order of the date received)

Fund's Usage

All the donations will be used solely on purchasing AIDS medicines that Song Pengfei needs and for his treatment. The progress of Song Pengfei's treatment will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

  • Song Pengfei is now taking donated medicines brought in by volunteers.
  • Dr. Shao prescribed 6-month medicines for Pengfei. It will be paid by the Phelex Foundation Saving Song Pengfei Fund. It will cost around $6,841 according to Dr. Shaw.
  • The Phelex Foundation contacted University of Southern California where the medicines can be purchased. Since this is a humanitarian work to the USC, the school will have to work out a way to help. The Foundation is told to wait for a few more days to send the payment.
  • Meanwhile, anther donated box of medicines will arrive in Beijing by the end of June, 1999. Among these donated medicines, one of the medicines that Pengfei is taking can last up to 6 months.

Brief Report on Medicine Purchase
Reported by Lin Liu
The Phelex Foundation
(May 19, 1999)
  • The Phelex Foundation sent a check of $6,841.23 to the University of Southern California, School of Medicine to purchase two types of medicines for Pengfei. (click here to see the check and invoice)
  • The medicines will cover August, 1999 through January, 2000 for Pengfei, and the medicines are in Beijing now.
  • Song Pengfei is now taking donated medicines brought in by volunteers.
  • Balance as of March 24, 2000. The total amount left in the Saving Song Pengfei Fund after the above medicines purchase is $2,732.75.
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