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Daoxiang Elementary School
SOW-A-SEED/Phelex Herbs Farm

Facts about school:

The school has 5 classes now.
Tuition and fees per year RMB 240($29.3) Per capita annual income RMB 800 ($96.7) in 2000
Number of teachers 8 Number of students 96
Location Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province (Click for Map)

School and project photos:
Ms. Myra Chan, the trustee of the SOW-A-SEED Foundation, and the pupils. The new classroom donated by local Telecom Bureau.
Project developments:

  • In April, 2002, Ms. Myra Chan, the trustee of the SOW-A-SEED Foundation, visited this project site. And in Sep., this project was set up. Meanwhile, local Community Council was set up.
  • In Oct., 2002, the school began to purchase herbs to process. The decision on tuition aid plan with total amount of RMB 2,000 was democratically made by the Community Council.
  • In Nov., 2002, the school began to sell the medicine.
  • In Mar. 2003, the school funded 67 needy pupils at a cost of RMB 2, 040 .
  • In Sept. 2003, the school funded 67 needy pupils at a cost of RMB 2, 040 , and aided Lingling Li, an orphan for her junior study.
  • In Nov. 2003, Quanlu Li, an herb worker and volunteers went to Sichuan to purchase medicine herbs so as to expand processing variety.
  • In Dec. 2003, the school bought another 20 species, and made the medicine herb variety reach 60 species in order to improve competitiveness.
  • In 2004, the school funded 72 needy pupils at a cost of RMB 2, 490 .
  • In the spring of 2004, the PF staff went to the community the school-based and trained villagers in the discussion procedure of the community council. In the autumn the community council made an effective decision on the program development and the assistance scheme.
Tuition Aid Received by:
Year Tuition aid amount Number of beneficiaries
2002 RMB 2,000 65
2003 RMB 4,080 134
2004 RMB 2,490 72
Adoption Status: The SOW-A-SEED Foundation
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