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Facts about school:

Kangjiahui Middle School is a rural county junior middle school, serves for Jingle County of 15 towns. The school has 485 students including 240 girls and 245 boys, 34.6% of students were extremely needy. (The school chose 168 children from no schooling children, exempted them from all tuition fees and only charged them RMB 30 for food and RMB 15 Yuan for e-teaching materials every term. )
Tuition and fees per year RMB 300 ($36.3) Per capita annual income RMB 400 ($48.4)           in 2001
Number of teachers 21 Number of students 485
Location jingle Country, Shanxi Province (Click for Map)

School and project photos:
Students who " specially strand the class " are having a class Base of a hectare of nurseries
Project developments:

  • In Mar. 2003, the program started, the FON inputted ? 50, 000 Yuan fund in 2 separate phases. The allocation of sapling nursery facilities, seedbed arrangement, sapling seeding and saplings transplanting had been finished. The nursery cultivated 6 mu Chinese pine saplings in different seedbeds and transplanted 6 mu Chinese pine saplings cultivated in container , 0.5 mu weeping willow saplings and 1.5 mu Chinese juniper saplings. All saplings grew well.
  • In Apr. 2003, the PF offered ? 5, 000 Yuan of ‘Gaofang Special Tuition Aid Fund' to 25 needy students, ? 200 Yuan each.
  • In Dec. 2003, the government committed tuition aid fund was ready
  • In Feb. 2004, the local government offered ? 3, 000 Yuan of tuition aid fund to 15 needy students
  • In Apr. 2004, the PF offered ? 5, 000 Yuan of ‘Gaofang Special Tuition Aid Fund' to 25 needy students.
  • In Jun. 2004, the FON held ‘the exchange and summary conference of dandelion program' in Beijing . Ms. Hua Tan (the advanced program assistant of the PF), Mr. Junfu Zhang (the principal of Kangjiahui Middle School ) and some schoolteachers were invited, and made speeches. They shared successful experience in the program management of finance and the community council.
Tuition Aid Received by:
Year Tuition aid amount Number of beneficiaries
2003 RMB 5,000 25
2004 RMB 8,000 40
Adoption Status: : adoptedadopted by the Chinese culture academy& Green cultural branch(Friend of Nature)" dandelion " small subsidy project of branch .
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