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Puli Tibetan Elementary School
The ANI Garden

Facts about school:
Tuition and fees per year RMB 350
(room and board another RMB 450)
Per capita annual income RMB 550 ($67 )
Number of teachers 4 Number of students 50
Location between the Hengduan Mountains and Lancang River, approx. 810 km from Kunming, the provincial capital, and 180 km from Zhongdian Airport (Click for Map)
Remarks The school was founded 1997 by Ah Yong, a local Tibetan farmer. The school offers free tuition as well as room and board to local Tibetan children who cannot afford to go to public schools. The school currently has 50 pupils, including 7 orphans. In 1999, with a donation from the Phelex Foundation, the school started to admit girls, who now number 15.

School and project photos:
Ah Yong and Tibetan pupils      

Project developments:

  • 2000: planted 1.5 mu Qingui, 0.5 mu caladiums and 23 mu potatoes. And the potatoes are growing very well. The preparation works are on the way.
  • 2001: The proceeds of RMB 2,250(us$275) came from Qingui (a Tibetan herbal) and there are potatoes weighted 15,000kg . One-third of them was sold for RMB 7,000. The remaining potatoes and the vegetables from the garden provided the food for the pupils.
  • In Nov. 2001: Mr. Fu Zhiqing, a Hongkong entrepreneur, donated to the School clothing valued at RMB 1,300 which was distributed to 18 pupils.
  • Ah Yong's story.
  • In 2002, the program harvested 17, 000 jin potatoes, kept 10, 000 jin for students food, sold out 7, 000 jin and gain RMB 7, 000 proceeds.
  • In the spring of 2003, Mr. Defu Dong, a volunteer (the original director of the management bureau of Maxueshan Natural preserve), self-compiled teaching materials and opened environment protection course in Tibetan language. His program gained ? 20, 000 Yuan sponsorship from the World Nature Foundation.
  • In Aug. 2003, Shanghai National Accounting College launched donations on the Internet and collected RMB 54, 778.49 , books, clothing and some calculators.
  • In 2003, Puli Tibetan Elementary School harvested 25, 860 jin potatoes, sold 15, 000 jin and gained RMB 15, 000 proceeds. The school also harvested 5640 jin vegetables. The vegetables and the remaining potatoes were supplied to the school dining room to improve meals.
  • Based on that all school children were exempted from tuition fees, the program income in 2 successive years mainly funded 15 extremely needy children.
  • In 2004, all the program proceeds of RMB 27, 500 funded 57 needy pupils.(Vegetable income was used for food supply and the distribution of nutritious meals).
  • In 2004, Puli School amended teaching contents emphasized teaching in Tibetan language, Tibetan medicine, English and environment protection. Ms. Xiaonan Zhu, a Beijing volunteer, contributed her teaching at the school for more than one year and helped the school to establish the system of regulated teaching management.
  • In 2004, more and more tourists visited the school, and expanded the school's experience to other areas while bringing in more information. More and more social sources were paying closer attention on the school development.
Tuition Aid Received by:
Year Tuition aid amount Number of beneficiaries
RMB 12,930
15(RMB 862 each)
RMB 10,530
RMB 7,000
RMB 27,500
  It reads "ANI Garden, established for the purpose of supporting Puli Tibetan School Tuition Aid Program. Special thanks: Mr. Vinton Rollins, Ms. Lynn Bai, Ms. Shan Bai, Ms. Sha Chang, Mr. Christopher Debau, Mr. Bo Gao, Mr. Jie Liu, Mr. JiangPing Lu, Mr. Otto Zhou."
Adoption Status: adopted by Applied Nanotechnologies, Inc.
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