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Phelex/Zhihong Scholarship

Mr. Zhihong Chou, a former Xishui First High School graduated from MIT with a Doctor Degree in Physics. He is now working as a financial manager in Boston. Mr. Chou can never forget the school that helped him enroll one of the best universities in China and later MIT in the United States. In 1999, Mr. Chou set up the Zhihong Tuition Assistance Fund, which assisted 2 high school graduates to enter colleges and 2 enter high school. Today the students Mr. Chou sponsored have already graduated from college and high school. They are very grateful to Mr. Chou’s generosity.

The recipients of the Zhihong Tuition Assistance Fund are:

Zai Shuangzhu, Wuhan University

Li Yangming, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Wu Jia, Xishui First High School

Xu Jinlin, Xishui First High School

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