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Long-time volunteer - Mr. Du Yuxi

Mr. Du Yuxi has been working for many years as a Foundation volunteer to help establish the Sustainable Tuition Aid Projects. When the "Pigeon Farm" at Xixinbi
Elementary School wasfirst proposed, Mr. Du carefully researched project feasibilities and sustainability. After funding by the Foundation was approved, Mr. Du spent much time making arrangements, even to the least details of the project. He was gratified to see the smiles on children's faces as the pigeons grew stronger each day.
(Right) Mr. Du Yuxi

Unfortunately and unexpectedly, the growing project met with misfortune - one night, someone stole most of the pigeons, and on the following day, the children were saddened to find the coops empty, which meant that their tuition aid money for the following year was completely gone. A concerned Mr. Du immediately contacted the Phelex Foundation and the local government. Happily, the Foundation decided to send additional money to replace the tuition aid money lost.

While the school rebuilt the project, Mr. Du worked even harder to raise local funds, to persuade the government to make contributions, and to secure the coops with better
designs and more security.

Later, Mr. Du Yuxi helped other schools in Shanxi Province to establish similar projects and to make them run smoothly. He organized and facilitated community council
meetings to ensure the fair distribution of the available tuition aid.

Recently, Mr. Du volunteered to research the feasibility of a new herbal medicine garden project for the Daoxiang Elementary School. His dedication has helped not only the Phelex Foundation, but also needy school-age children. As a science teacher, he's taught a great deal of science, but more importantly, he's taught children how to help themselves and others, and how to get things done.

Over the years, Mr. Du has experienced both difficulties and happiness. The latter has motivated him to continue volunteering without hesitation. He has become a solid
supporter and advocate of the Phelex Foundation's school projects.

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