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International volunteers


The Phelex Foundation gets a lot of help from international volunteers who are individuals ranging from high school students, teachers to college and graduate school students. These enthusiastic volunteers provide unique expertise to support disadvantaged children's education in their ways. Some go to project schools to teach English and other subjects; some actively raise funds for the Foundation's work; while others help with Phelex's website construction and news reports. Here are a few examples:


    A Graduate Student of John Hopkins


Ryoko Tomita , a graduate student from Johns Hopkins University , School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) majoring China Studies and International Economics. As a volunteer, Ryoko spent 6 months working at Phelex's project schools learning the operations of school projects. Her excellent language skills in both English and Chinese gave her an advantage of traveling to different sites freely and gained valuable insight about each school project as well as overall Phelex' operation. She taught English to local school children and provided training for English teachers. (click Here for Ryoko's feedback)


       An American Educator from Philadelphia


Susan Cannon , an American educator with over 25 years of classroom experience in elementary and middle school. She is currently teaching at The Episcopal Academy, a college preparatory independent school near Philadelphia , PA. Mrs. Cannon's special fields of interest are moral, global, and peace education: developing teaching methods to help children to think, care, and act honorably and globally. In 2006, Mrs. Cannon volunteered to conduct culture exchange classes for students at Xinglong Vocational School as well as a series of training workshops for English teachers in Xinglong County . (click Here for more)


 A Young Volunteer of New York


Volunteering to help the Phelex Foundation's work, Miss Carolyn Richardson , a 15 year old high school sophomore in New York has personally raised nearly $ 1,000 for the Foundation. Carolyn had spent her spare time researching the issues of children's education in poor areas and she made a commitment to do something for the poor children. For the following few months she has been writing letters and talking to people explaining her beliefs. She has also convinced her friends, relatives, and schoolmates to support her charity work. The Phelex Foundation is very grateful to Miss Carolyn Richardson, her parents and friends for their generous support of our school projects. The funds Carolyn raised is used to help the Sustainable Tuition Aid Projects.

•  Translators

The Phelex Foundation is pleased to have a couple of American young volunteers who have been consistently working as volunteers to help the Foundation with translation work. This kind of on-going translation work requires a good understanding of the Foundation's projects, a complete bilingual writing ability as well as dedication to support needy children.

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