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Volunteers in China

Much of the work at the Phelex Foundation depends on volunteers from the local school districts themselves. Volunteers are taught to have a clear understanding of the Foundation's missions, and they are also asked to make themselves available to be physically present at project schools. The following stories represent some volunteers' work at the Phelex Foundation.

  • Group Volunteers

    Led for many years by Ms. Jiang Yunzhen, the group volunteers, who are editors of educational magazines in Wuhan, have been very dedicated to the Phelex Foundation's school project work. They helped us establish the first Sustainable Tuition Aid Project in the Tianzhushan Elementary School, and later established ten more projects in Hubei Province. They volunteered to monitor each project's implementation, provide training to rural teachers, and to serve as a liaison between local governments and the Foundation. More importantly, they have provided agricultural technical support to the needy, and have built up networks to connect project schools.

  • Other Group Volunteers
China Taoxingzhi Foundation (2003-2004)
Beijing Youth Development Service (2002)
Chinese Academy of Social Science (2004)
Shanghai Tea Academy (2004)
Fudan University Volunteers' Union (2004)
East China Normal University Volunteers' Union (2004)
China Women's University (2004)
China University of Political Science and Law (2004)
China Agricultural University (2005)
  • Volunteerism is the spirit which guides our work. We cannot imagine how we could either make the Sustainable Tuition Aid Projects succeed without our volunteers, or reach geographically remote project schools.

    To become a volunteer, please contact the Beijing Office:

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