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Volunteerism, entrepreneurship and local partnerships are essential ingredients of STAP, which relies on volunteers as project monitors, technical trainers, advisors, Community Council coordinators, accountants and auditors, photographers, local fund-raisers, etc. Many of them take full charge of the agriculture projects, running them with good business sense and in most cases, with good profitability. The volunteering "entrepreneur" can be a teacher, the principal, an educational official, a reporter, or a parent. To maximize the effect of its financial resources, the foundation builds partnerships with local NGOs and government agencies that share the foundation's values. Local partners often contribute cash, free (or low-cost) land, production materials, tax exemptions, or an undertaking to purchase the product at best prices. In addition to amplifying the financial impact of the foundation's donations, volunteerism, entrepreneurship and local partnerships have also enabled us to build broad-based grass-root support in areas that are difficult to reach geographically and culturally.

To become a volunteer, please contact the Beijing Office :

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